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Alison, Swanley

"I immediately feel at ease and relaxed during my treatments with Simon.  He has an amazing ability to get to the root of the problem and I always feel so much lighter after each treatment, as well as noticing an immediate and significant improvement.  I highly recommend."

Julia, Skipton

"I first sought help with my health through acupuncture after a recommendation from a friend. I was lucky enough to meet Simon Harrison about 9 months ago and cannot recommend him highly enough.  With his ability to really listen to my whole story and his incredible clinical knowledge of his subject, he managed through the acupuncture and his humanist approach to transform my mental and physical health back into a balance I have not experienced before.

9 months ago I was at rock bottom. Psychological breakdown was near. I had lost a huge amount of weight through years of stress and my mental and physical strength was at an all time low.  I am now stronger mentally and physically and have a huge respect for the power of acupuncture when in the safe hands of a skilled practitioner.  I have had to move from Sussex and I envy anyone who has the pleasure and opportunity to be treated by Simon."

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